How to Use Search Engine Placement to Build Your Brand

Believe it or not, search engines can be very helpful in building your brand.

Search Engine Placement

Your company’s ranking among major search engines like Google has a lot to do with building your brand. The more well-known your brand is and the better
reputation it has, the more likely you will end up at the top of a Google search. This will build trust among consumers and will help your company
make as much money as possible.

Advertising in Google and other search engines can help you place high in their database and successfully build your company brand. Placing high quality
ads on Google can drive traffic to your website, increase your sales, and make your brand name a household name. Those ads should lead people to a
landing page that makes your company look trustworthy and reliable. A poorly built landing page will turn people off and make them doubt the professionalism
of your company. This can result in your brand never growing or flourishing, which is likely to put your company out of business. At the same time,
when your landing page is well done and well matched to your ads, Google rewards you by lowering the costs of those ads, allowing you to run more of

Make sure that nothing on your website could be considered spam in any way by Google, because they are very hard on websites that contain even a trace
of spam. If they detect spam on your website, your search engine placement will be very low and people will usually turn to your competitors rather
than ever doing business with your company.

In a very real sense, the name of the game with building your brand is about making your business as known and recognized as big brands like Coke, Nike,
and Apple – even if on a much smaller scale. If you think about any of those brands, you can practically taste or feel their products using only your
memory. You know what they are, what they stand for, and what they look like online and in the real world.

Keep those examples in mind as you work on your search engine placement – both organic and paid, in social media, and in every other way you market your
business. Always put your best foot forward, offer valuable information, and aim for helping people know, like, and trust your business.

Keeping your branding in line and on track can be a big task. If you’d rather spend your time working in and on your business than also trying to juggle
the enormous job of advancing your brand, it’s time to call in the professionals.

If you’ve got questions about building your brand online and off, contact the pros at Splash Omnimedia. We’ll be happy to
help you create a strategy that will work now and in the long term.


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