Is your website costing
you leads?

From the second your homepage loads, you’re being judged. You have ½ second to convince a visitor you’re someone they want to do business with. And you have less than a minute to communicate why they should.

Don’t let an ineffective website hold you back.

Communicate effectively. Be UNFORGETTABLE.

Your web design & development tells your story. And every great story needs a great storyteller.

Landing Pages & Micro-Sites

The Missing Link To Your Marketing Strategy

You can create the best marketing campaign in the world, but if that campaign pushes customers to your clunky, overloaded, multi-page website – odds are, they won’t convert.

Today we’re dealing with the shortest attention span in history, and if your customers don’t see what they’re looking for in 10 secs, they jump ship.

That’s why we use landing pages.  These are one-page masterpiece websites that are used to drive your potential clients directly into your sales funnel. With the right messaging you can cut out all of the fluff and have them hit that “buy now” rather than the back arrow.

By focusing on a specific product, service, or offer, potential customers “land” on a page with the exact content they need and nothing else– skyrocketing conversions.

But Landing Pages aren’t just a one-trick pony. They also improve how you rank on Google, increase your brand exposure, and provide you with the analytics needed to truly grow your funnel and ultimately your business.

Full Website

It’s not always easy to tell a bad website from a good one, but most of the time the difference is crystal clear. Your website should be one of your most effective tools for lead generation, lead nurturing, and lead conversion. How many customers have you gained via your website recently? If the answer is none or just a few, your website is likely in desperate need of an overhaul.

The good news is that your award-winning web designers at Splash Omnimedia know what it takes to create a site that draws in new business and doesn’t drive it away! Make the best first impression with your potential customers and keep them coming back with a website that not only looks great but functions beautifully. Let’s get your website working the way it should, Let’s Talk.


Drive Revenue One Click at a Time

These days, everything’s online. We can browse, read reviews and shop, all without getting off the couch.

With over 2.14 billion online shoppers, your website is your store.

Everyday, more and more shoppers are becoming reliant on the speed and convenience that only the internet can provide. And by 2040, it’s projected that 95% of purchases will be online.

But E-commerce websites aren’t just convenient for customers, they are convenient for you.

Selling your products and services online allows you to reach a larger audience – the more people you reach, the more you can sell. E-commerce websites can even give you the option of operating fully online so you can eliminate your operational costs.


Sometimes, Size Does Matter

Larger businesses need larger websites; it’s basic math.

92% of your customers will pass through your website, so in order to deliver results, your website needs to deliver an overall user experience worth raving about.

But a great, enterprise-level website doesn’t just happen overnight. A business of your size doesn’t just need a sales tool, it needs a marketing machine.

Draw them in with strong SEO, keep them scrolling with engaging content, and get them to click with clear Call To Actions.

With so many moving parts, taking on an Enterprise site can be overwhelming. But with the right team, it just got easier.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

How many apps does it take to run your business? Internal communication, file sharing, meeting planning, project management, team engagement….

Not only is that inefficient, but it’s also a headache. Why use countless apps when you can utilize one intranet, allowing you to centralize everything. Intranets are an online and internal private network with collaboration tools so your organization can run at peak efficiency.

62% of employees dislike their job because of communication issues. That doesn’t have to be your organization.

As the hub of your organization, employee portals provide tools for internal communication, resource management, and streamlines collaboration.

Make it easy for your team to come together and get things done.



Look like a company they want to do business with.


So they understand why they should do business with you.


Incoming traffic to sales.

Our Process



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Regardless of how people initially find your company, they will likely visit your website many times throughout their buyer’s journey. A great website reinforces your brand, engages your intended audience, and converts visitors into customers.

Don’t let an outdated, ineffective website cost you sales.

Earn their business from the first click by giving your customers the experience they deserve. Unsure where to start? Let’s talk.