Is your message even reaching your audience?

All too often we see well-intended companies unknowingly waste thousands of dollars advertising through the wrong channel. When it comes to advertising, is your brand using the right message on the right channel?

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Your Media Planning tells your story. And every great story needs a great storyteller.


Planning and buying tv commercials is a daunting task. Researching, analyzing, comparing, budgeting and eventually purchasing just to find out that your commercial’s audio is cutting in and out can be a real gut punch. With your team at Splash Omnimedia, that worry can be a thing of the past. From storyboarding to filming, or media buying to your commercial being live during the big game we’ve got you covered. We go to bat for you negotiating pricing, analyzing air times, and giving full reports allowing you to sit back and watch the customers roll in. TV commercials aren’t a place to take a shot in the dark, get it done right the first time. Let’s Talk


As much as people love to hate on it, radio is not dead, it’s just getting older. With 94% of Americans between the age of 49-64 listening to traditional radio at least once a week, it is a drastically underpriced medium for getting attention from an older audience. With that being said, there are a million things that go into running a successful radio commercial. Goal setting, audience targeting, scripting, recording, and spot purchasing; the whole process can put you into a tailspin of unknowns and difficult work. Luckily, your media planning and buying team at Splash Omnimedia can help you through this entire process so you can sit back and relax knowing that your brand’s message will be delivered to exactly who it should be and using the right message.

OTT & Streaming Services

Over The Top (OTT) also known as streaming advertising has taken off as of 2017 with no slowdown in sight. 82% of American consumers subscribe to a streaming service with the average user clocking 38+ hours of streaming per month, that’s almost a work weeks’ worth of screen time with advertising opportunities. It could be live-sporting events to the local news or ads between reruns of sitcoms, either way your media planning team can ensure that your Ad is delivering to your strategy’s target audience. Meet your audience where they are, start advertising on OTT.


On the side of the interstate or circling a football stadium, billboard and venue advertising can offer thousands more impressions per dollar spent then other forms of advertising, all while building brand recognition. Typically used in a brand awareness strategy, billboards allow you to cast a wide net that is surprisingly more targeted than you’d think. We get creative with modern capabilities so your team at Splash can create full campaigns that are dynamic to changing conditions like weather, temperature, and time of day making your billboard that much more personable to its viewers. Get your brand in front of the people that need to see you the most, Let’s Talk.


In an environment where so much information is transmitted to us electronically, printed publications feel more special, solid, and authentic than ever before. With the ability to target niche groups of readers, either based on interests, geographical location, or purchasing habits, publications such as magazines and newspapers are a good fit for brands looking to increase their customer awareness. Publication research, to design and delivery, your team at Splash Omnimedia can get your branded messaging in front of your customers. If you’re ready to physically get into the hands of your target customers, Let’s Talk.

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In today’s competitive marketing landscape, it’s crucial that your brand connects with your audience using the right message, at the right time, and on the right channel in order to see engagements. Media planning is strategically planning these “right” messages, times, and places to get the most exposure possible for your brand. Your team here at Splash Omnimedia knows a thing or two about media planning and placement and can guide you every step of the way to getting your brand in front of people where it matters.