4 Ways Vehicle Wraps Drive Up Business

4 Benefits of Professionally Designed Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wrap Portfolio

You’re driving home from work, stuck in traffic as you begin to reflect on the day. Like other successful business owners, you find it difficult to take your mind off of the demands of the profession. Today is no different. Today your mind has turned to brainstorm innovative approaches to attracting new customers.

That’s when the big, bold design of a vehicle wrap catches your eye. You notice that it’s for a local business, not just a large corporation and that the design is so powerful you find yourself thinking about it multiple times over the next few days. You begin to wonder if vehicle wraps would be an effective way for you to increase your brand’s visibility.

You are not the first business owner to consider mobile marketing and certainly not the last. Vehicle wraps boast the lowest cost-per-impression compared to any other form of outdoor advertising. For this reason among others, many businesses have been integrating vehicle wraps into their overall marketing plan for years.

Let’s take a look at other reasons vehicle wraps are an excellent tool to help drive business:

1. Commands Your Attention

A graphic wrap designed by professionals will reach out and grab the attention of passerby’s for miles around. In the outdoor advertising industry, vehicle wrapping has gained a ton of traction for it’s high impression rate and low cost. As it has become increasingly popular, just slapping your logo and phone number onto the side of a once-white van will no longer do.

To differentiate yourselves from the competition, your vehicle has to be transformed into a “moving billboard” with a unique and creative design that communicates a message that will move your potential customers to action.

*Tip: Repurpose your mobile marketing tool with a visually-appealing graphic wrap promoting a new product, service, or event.

2. Professional Graphics Rev Up Visibility

Americans love their vehicles. In any given week, the average American has driven 302 miles. More than 95% of those drivers and passengers are reached by mobile advertising. By making it memorable with a custom design, your wrap extends its visibility to the sidewalks by passing pedestrians, throughout neighborhoods where customers and employees live, even in the carpool line at school.

*Tip: Mobile flexibility allows you to position your vehicle ad almost anywhere you want. Parking your vehicle(s) in busy settings like local sporting or cultural events, home improvement stores, and neighborhoods dramatically increases awareness.Vehicle Wrap Comparison

3. Propels your Brand into a Household Name

Vehicle Wraps that are expertly designed with the same branding elements from your other marketing campaigns will positively reinforce your identity and strengthen your brand— ensuring your name comes to mind when they are ready to buy.

Mobile marketing is also a great opportunity for business owners to legitimize their company by getting their brand and logo out where potential customers can more actively see them.

*Tip: To really maximize your branding opportunity across all of your marketing and advertising efforts including your fleet of wrapped vehicles, consider adding a brand mascot. Mascots help your audience to better remember, trust, and understand your company and products as well as generate interest and increase exposure.

4. More Fun With A Fleet

Taking advantage of your fleet with effective advertising will exponentially increase your company’s exposure. A fleet of ten wrapped vehicles can generate between 300,000 and 700,000 daily impressions. It has been proven that consumers that are reached repeatedly with a message show higher advertiser awareness, brand recall, and purchase behavior. Fleet vehicle wrapping boosts brand recognition 15x greater than any other form of advertising.

*Tip: Driving in groups of two or three during peak hours commands customer’s attention.

All Vehicle Wraps Are Not Created Equally

A professionally designed wrap by a firm like ours will turn a vehicle wrap into a return-on-investment advertising campaign. We understand what a wrap should entail based on the target market and how to perfectly unify your message with existing marketing efforts. Our designers work with you and your company to create an eye-catching design that you will be proud to display on your vehicles.

See how we have helped other businesses get the attention they deserved through our gallery of expertly designed vehicle wraps here. If you are ready to drive new business by adding vehicle wraps to your marketing mix, let’s schedule a conversation!

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