Four Ways to Make Your Print Materials Grip Your Customers

Print Materials

As a business owner, you are always worried about the bottom line and the return you receive on your investments. You may consider things like investing
in the growth of your staff, expanding your office space, or building your partnerships worthwhile ventures. But, have you ever thought about the lasting
effects of investing in printed marketing materials that showcase your brand?

Even in this age of digital marketing, there’s still a place for print materials – like flyers, brochures and direct mail pieces. Print is tangible medium,
unlike digital marketing. It gives your customer something to physically hold on to, building a visual and emotional connection with them. Note that
poorly designed print materials can do the exact opposite. Investing in these materials offers several advantages for your business in the marketplace
when executed correctly, with great design. According to a survey by FedEx Office, 9 out of 10 customers said the quality of printed materials is an
indication of the quality of service they expect from the business!

Before you can dive into personalizing your marketing, consider the profile you have of your audience. To personalize in a way that will impact your customers
you must know what they are expecting and how to deliver that message. Over our years of experience, we have become experts in researching and discovering
the unique audience of your business and effectively marketing your products to them. Once you have your target audience and a comprehensive audience
profile built out it is time to move forward with developing your print marketing strategy.

For your business to hold its own amid a sea of competing marketing material, your print materials must be top notch and grip your readers at first glance.
Here are a few ways to make your print marketing materials effective:

1. Limit the amount of information on the piece.

Although it may be tempting to load up your flyer with all the wonderful things about your product and company, too much information can overwhelm a potential
customer and make the piece look cluttered and unattractive. Splash Omnimedia can make sure you include the most valuable information about your product
from the view of your customer. This is where utilizing an outside marketing partner can truly make
the difference in your execution.

2. Don’t ignore design.

You only get one chance to grab your reader’s attention. Strong visual communications are vital for both new and established brands. If you need help establishing
visually communicating who your business is with proper design and branding, Splash Omnimedia can help you build a lasting positive impression. This
is as true for print marketing as it is for digital marketing. A lackluster design won’t get your piece noticed, let alone read. Our graphic designers
at Splash Omnimedia are skilled in the color, font, layout, and other design elements your printed marketing materials need to stay relevant and competitive in your industry. Take some time to consider color, font, layout and other design elements. They are just as
important as the message!

3. Make your piece time sensitive.

While you can send reminder emails or set notifications on social media posts, you only get one shot at print marketing. It is important to include a call-to-action
on your print marketing that inclines your customer to respond, or “take action”, by visiting your website, submitting an entry to a contest, or calling
for a discounted service. To encourage action sooner than later you can include an expiration date for the call-to-action you choose to execute. Adding
an expiration date to your offer will keep potential customers from stowing your offer in a drawer to use at some undefined future date!

4. Don’t skimp on printing.

Designing your print marketing materials with the proper branding and software is important, but the quality of your printing and the materials you choose
can make a substantial difference. Knowing when to use a laser printer versus having your materials printed at a commercial print shop can cause major
headaches. Using our network of trusted print partners will ensure your print executions are up to the very best standard.

5. Print marketing is far from dead.

However, with all the marketing bombarding your potential customers, your flyers, direct mail pieces and brochures need to be top notch. Do this by limiting
the amount of information you put into a single marketing piece, making sure your piece has a professional, eye-catching design, limiting the time
the offer featured on the piece is valid and getting your piece professionally printed. According to a survey by FedEx Office, 50% of millennials professionally
printed at least once a month in February 2018. Even if your demographic skews younger, print is still very relevant!

Dominate Your Print with Splash Omnimedia

The visual messages that your company sends form current and prospective customers’ conceptions of your company. At Splash Omnimedia, we work with you
to design every graphical element to be in line with your marketing and branding goals. Get in touch with us to dominate
your print marketing and create a powerful, consistent, and persuasive look.

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