Case Study: Could a Mascot Help with Your Branding?

Mascots can help provide the consistency needed for a strong brand identity.

Mascots and Branding

Mascots are more common in brands than you might think. Just off the top of my head, the kinds of brands who use mascots include: kid’s cereals and other
grocery store food products, cleaning supplies, amusement parks, tire manufacturers, fast food stores, auto insurers, batteries, alcoholic beverages,
and even social media sites. That’s a wide variety of businesses who found it advantageous to use a mascot as part of their brand building.

Yet mascots can easily be overlooked when it comes to creating a brand identity. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution for every business, but it can be
incredibly effective for branding and marketing.

So let’s examine the case of one of our clients, Comfort Services,
and what adding a mascot to their brand identity did for their marketing.

Inconsistency Was Killing Their Marketing

Remember how we said that consistency in marketing was important? Well, Comfort Services had splintered marketing efforts. Traditional media, direct mail,
TV, and radio all had different messages and no consistency. Their website was similarly struggling, and not getting them many leads.

We knew that a strong brand identity could help Comfort Services be consistent in their marketing, but we didn’t have the time for a long-term, from the
ground up rebranding campaign.

Then we had an idea: could a mascot help with their branding and marketing efforts?

The Short Answer: Yes

The turtle united the various marketing campaigns more quickly and efficiently than the subtler move of adjusting the messages alone. It provided a visual
consistency to all the marketing messages that underlined the consistency in the messages themselves.

The turtle was also very effective in building the Comfort Services brand. In addition to the TV, radio, and direct mail marketing campaigns, the turtle
appears on the Comfort Services website, Facebook page, business cards, brochures, banners, door hangers, hats, koozies, magnets, t-shirts, and more.
If it’s related to Comfort Services, it most likely has the Comfort Services turtle on it.

That’s what makes the turtle mascot so effective. It signals the Comfort Services brand, no matter if it’s on brand collateral or a key TV ad campaign.
It brings the branding and marketing consistency that Comfort Services so desperately needed.

It’s no wonder the turtle is still an important part of the Comfort Services brand. In fact, you can see him on the Comfort Services website here.

Could a Mascot Help with Your Branding?

If your marketing and branding suffers from inconsistency, a mascot could be exactly what you need to revitalize and refocus your efforts. However, just
as you should be careful and thorough with your logo or any other element of your brand identity design, you shouldn’t just throw together a mascot.
You should take the time to choose a mascot that represents your business’s values and culture well and come up with a strategy for incorporating it
into your branding and marketing efforts.

Of course, if you’d like an expert consultation and guidance every step of the way, you can always contact us at Splash Omnimedia. As you just read, we
not only have experience with branding and brand identity design in general, but mascots in particular.

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