A Business Owner’s Guide to Driving Web Traffic

Driving Traffic

After the launch of a new website, some business owners believe that their job is done and they don’t have to pay any more attention to it. In the weeks following the launch of their site, many businesses are surprised to find low volumes of traffic and quickly become discouraged. Driving traffic to a new website takes time, strategy, and the right expectations.

This article will help you explore proven methods of driving traffic to your new website. We’ll cover several vital areas of gathering traffic including:

  • Optimizing your Site for Search
  • Sharing your Message
  • Reaching Leads via Email

So, let’s dive in and start driving traffic to your website!

Optimizing Your Site for Search

This is first on the list, especially if you want your website to be placed on the first pages of search results. Organic traffic comes from search results, and landing on the first few spots of the search improves your chances of getting more traffic to your site.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of organically improving a website page’s overall ranking in search results by creating and managing different aspects of a website. It takes an expert with the proper training and experience in SEO to properly optimize a website to have a better chance at reaching the first few results. Our team improves SEO by:

  • Evaluating important keywords that your target audience uses.
  • Ensuring you’re present in local searches.
  • Updating content that may be harming your ranking.
  • And more.

By organically ranking your website higher in search results, you’ll drive more traffic to your site. Keep in mind, search engine optimization shows results over a long period of time. Our team will put in the work and care it takes to show positive results!

Share Your Message

Social media is a powerful tool for communicating with your target audience. When your website launches, it’s important to know how to utilize social media to build excitement around your new site and drive traffic.

Social media is a direct line of communication between your business and your audience, making it a very useful method of marketing yourself. In fact, 48% of Americans interact with businesses on social media. Managing multiple social media platforms and creating original content can be difficult for a busy business owner, which is where our team can help! We drive traffic to your website through social media platforms by:

  • Encouraging new followers.
  • Tailoring content that drives website traffic.
  • Utilize sponsored ads that convert.
  • And more!

Using these strategies on social media, Splash Omnimedia can help you drive the maximum amount of traffic to your website. After the launch of your new website, the buzz built through social media can drive website visits and build overall brand awareness.

Reach Leads Through Email

Another great way to drive traffic to your site is through email marketing. For many businesses, email marketing can be one of the best methods of keeping leads interested in their products and services. Our team utilizes email marketing in the following ways:

  • Build lists that target specific interests.
  • Create custom templates that match existing branding.
  • Tailor campaigns that convert contacts into leads.

Emails are a great way to drive traffic to pages of your site that contain valuable information with a low traffic volume. Ask us about our email marketing and we’ll help you get the traffic you need to your new website.

Drive Traffic with Splash Omnimedia

You’ve put in the effort to build a website that represents your brand. If you think your website could use improvements, we can help with that! If your site isn’t getting the amount of traffic you need, building a marketing strategy is the best way to ensure you’re able to reach your target audience. Contact us at Splash Omnimedia, we’d love to discuss your business and how our team can help you grow!


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