Why You Need A Custom Website (And How We Can Help)

You Never Get a Second Chance To Make a First Impression

Splash Team

Your business is unique, and the website that represents it should be, too. There are plenty of templates that can be deployed in a few clicks. Even some free ones. But, they will never give you the same benefits of a one-of-a-kind custom designed site.

We’ve created custom websites for some of the top businesses in the southeast and one of the first questions we receive is why would I want a custom website?

A fresh, original website will bring your business to life. You get a look that is wholly your own instead of sharing a cookie cutter appearance with everyone else that picked the same theme. A custom designed site reflects your business’ personality and branding that your current customer’s have come to expect and enjoy all while showing new visitors that you are serious about your business.

Most importantly, a custom website gets you results. Websites that are custom designed are very SEO friendly and will help your business rank well in search engines. A lot goes into SEO rankings like keyword search, unique and quality content, responsiveness, load time, backlinks, proper titles and descriptions, and the list goes on! A template will not cover any of the necessary steps to get your page optimized like a trained development team.

The second question? Can you make us one? Okay, maybe not every time! But many do ask about our process of creating a website from scratch. As mentioned, custom websites are very personalized so we have spent numerous hours developing the smoothest and most in-depth 7-step process for getting you exactly what you want and need:

1) Getting to know you

You will quickly realize when you begin working with us that your mission becomes our mission, your vision becomes our vision, and your goals become our goals. Through interviews and our detailed survey, we come to understand your brand, who you strive to be, and how this should be represented online.

2) Creating your unique design

Before digging into programming, we’ll create an outline of the full website layout, navigation, and design of the entire website. This will give you a clear idea of what the final product will look like once the coding is complete.

During this phase, our skilled writing staff begins creating SEO friendly content while our video and photography production team gets the website videos and/or pictures of your building, staff, fleet of vehicles, etc. needed to make your website look professional.

3) The moment of truth

We meet with you to show you our design by going through every page with the design team. We discuss any and all input you may have to get it to your specifications. Using your feedback, we amend the design and get it ready for coding.

4) Going under the hood

Once we have revised our design to meet your specifications, our coders get to work creating your smooth and fully functional website. Using HTML, CSS, and advanced coding, our development team designs eCommerce portals, design web forms for customer contact, and autoresponders, plus much more!

5) Test, test, test

We never send a site into the wild until we are 100% confident that every button, form, and link functions as it should across all devices and all browsers. Our team has developed our detailed Splash Web Standards Checklist to ensure that every site is fast, functional, and delights our clients and their customers.

6) Bringing you up to speed

We will teach you how to use ePeak, our preferred content management system (CMS), to keep your site fresh and up-to-date. This way, you are empowered to make real-time changes on personnel pages, update your blog with sales and industry news, and ensure that everything you have online is the representation you want-without any web coding experience needed.

7) Launch day

We don’t call this the final stage, as it is truly just the beginning! Our partnership continues after the launch through ensuring that you get the traffic and conversions you need through a comprehensive and ongoing marketing plan and to answer any questions you may have.

Your website is the digital hub of your business, the place where your social media, search engine queries and online advertising meet. We are committed to creating a site that is as distinctive and vibrant as the company it represents.

You only have seven seconds to make a first impression, are you going to make yours great? If you are ready to make a lasting first impression and keep your customers coming back for more through a professional, custom website, contact us today!


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