Why Good Web Design Really Matters to Your Customers

The importance of good web design

Good Web Design
Some of the most difficult decisions you make in businesses are compromises: getting the most value you can for your customers without sending your costs
through the roof. It’s no different with your website. Surely, you think, your potential customers don’t require the most expensive, award-winningest
website design in human history to be impressed.

And you’d be right – they don’t. But what they do need is a good website design that meets their needs.

We’ve talked before about how you won’t be happy just using any old business website template; trust me, your customers aren’t going to be happy, either.
And since customers speak with their money, their disappointment could be very costly to you in the long run.

Here are some reasons why good web design matters to your customers:

  • First Impressions Count: While appearances can be deceiving at times, most of us tend to put a great deal of stock in appearances when trying to make
    decisions about things. Websites are no exception; if a website’s layout and design are bad, or even if they simply don’t fulfill that website’s
    intended function, then many people will simply move on to view other websites and forget about yours.
  • Layout is Key: Good web design demands that your website’s layout be well-considered. A website is primarily a means of conveying information to others;
    anything that inhibits the flow of information is acting against your website’s purpose. It should be easy and intuitive to navigate from any part
    of your website to any other part, or at least between the main page and other pages. Being stuck at the end of a one-way link isn’t going to win
    you any sympathy. This is especially true in mobile design; a layout that doesn’t work well with mobile devices is only going to lose you potential
    customers, not gain any.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Good web designers also bear in mind that many people will come to your website from search engines, and plan accordingly.
    That includes not only optimizing the content on the pages of your site, but also incorporating structural SEO techniques. The result will be a
    website that is not only friendly to the search engines (which will then send more traffic your way) but also to the searchers (who will thus be
    more likely to buy).

Want to get a truly great website, not just a neat design? Request a proposal from Splash Omnimedia, and get a better website
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