The Coolest Web Design Trend Businesses are Missing

Who doesn’t want a website design that really wows customers?

The Coolest Web Design Trend Businesses are Missing

One of the things you want in your web designer is someone who is aware of the latest advances and trends in web design – but who is also keeping track
of when something is just a fad, or when it could be the next step in the progression of web design.

That has been our process with, say responsive web design – as we’ve seen for ourselves the benefits of this approach to website design that incorporates
both desktop and mobile designs into one, we’ve become convinced that it’s more than a fad. It’s a trend that’s going to stay.

And recently, we’re starting to become bigger and bigger fans of parallax websites.

Parallax: Changing the Way You See Website Backgrounds

Parallax design is a visual style in which the background of the website (usually an image or images) moves at a different speed than the content in front
of it as the visitor scrolls down the page. It’s a very cool visual effect that you have to see to believe. You can check out a particularly
interesting example, a website with behind-the-scenes information for the movie The Life of Pi, here.

If you’ve never seen a parallax website, there’s a good reason why: it hasn’t really caught on, especially with business websites. You’ll more often find
it now on “edgier” websites or websites aiming for a cutting-edge impression.

But there’s no reason that parallax design should be limited to these websites.

In fact, it could be the web design choice that revolutionizes your website.

3 Reasons You’ll Love a Parallax Website

  1. It’s unique. You think you haven’t really seen parallax websites before? Neither have your customers. Or even if they have, they most
    likely haven’t seen it used for your industry before. By using parallax design, you can help your business stand out from your competition and
    stick in your customers’ minds.
  2. It keeps visitors engaged. Sometimes, for various reasons, you need long web pages. If you have an important process with several
    lengthy steps, for instance, or have a lot of information to share about a particular service, you’ll end up with a long web page that you’re asking
    visitors to read. Using parallax design on pages like this can help keep visitors engaged the entire way down the page. (And keep in mind: when
    search visitors spend more time on a page of yours, it sends positive signals back to the search engines, helping your search ranking.)
  3. You can keep it simple. Instead of the flashy and obnoxious graphics of yesteryear, you can still get cool
    effects, like images flying in from above, below, or the side; images fading into view; and neat overlays. But with parallax design, these effects
    are controlled by the user scrolling up and down. This way, you are still engaging and impressing the user without interrupting them. That provides
    a better experience for your visitors (which makes them much happier than if you’re interrupting them).

Summary: If you’re looking to do more with your website, and not just do a basic redesign, consider getting a parallax website or including parallax pages
in your website.

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