The Basic Guide for Using Web Videos in Your Business’s Social Media

When done well, web video and social media can be a dynamite combination for your marketing.

web videos in social media

Web video is an insanely effective piece of content for business. Whether it’s helping you climb search engine results, define your company image, or educate
customers to choose you, video is quickly becoming the go-to tool for smart businesses.

But when it comes to their social media marketing, many businesses hesitate to include web video in their strategy. That’s a shame, because video consumption online is only going up, and using video in your social media marketing offers an excellent brand-building opportunity.

And it’s not so difficult to pull off as you think.

Make videos that your target audience will love.

When many businesses think about web video and social media, they think of viral videos. While viral videos make for exciting stories and enticing goals,
they’re not easy to make. And in fact, you don’t need your web video to go viral worldwide – just with your target audience.

That’s why your best chance for success with web video and social media lies in understanding your customers. What interests them? What makes them laugh,
or gets them all up in arms?

Create a video that your customers will love. Make it quirky enough to catch their attention, but also informative or interesting
enough to keep it. If you’re building your brand, give them insight into who you are and why you do what you do. If you’re trying to get them interested
in your products or services, make it easy for them to act. If you’re trying to get them to share, retweet, or repost, tell them so.

Share your videos where customers can easily find and share them.

Since social media is built around sharing what interests us, great videos can spread like wildfire. But social media can be a double-edged sword: horrible
videos can spread just as quickly, but for all the wrong reasons. That’s why you should focus on creating quality videos that appeal to your target

So when it comes to web videos and your social media, make it all about your target audience. Know exactly who they are and what they like, create videos
that appeal to them, and make it easy for them to find and share those videos with their friends. If you can accomplish this, you will likely have
an effective tool for boosting your own business potential and creating a brand.

If you’re ready to do more for your business with web video and social media marketing, contact the team at Splash Omnimedia.

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