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It’s no secret that automating processes is a great way to make your business run more smoothly and save time. With marketing automation, you are able to automate your organization’s marketing efforts and start converting website visitors into paying customers. 

To start, marketing automation isn’t just email marketing. Of course, many marketing automation campaigns and services incorporate email communications and initiatives as an important component, but there is virtually no end to the ways in which marketing automation, as a whole, can save you time, hassle, and money.

What is Marketing Automation?

Increasingly common in today’s era of digital marketing processes, the term marketing automation can refer to any marketing effort that replaces manual operations and initiatives with those that are accomplished automatically and in real time. 

Marketing automation is used to automate the steps it takes to convert website visitors to contacts, nurture those contacts into sales leads, then eventually a customer. This automation software executes and manages a wide range of specific marketing functions.

Business leaders and marketing professionals rely on marketing automation to create content calendars, review traffic statistics, evaluate customer data, monitor advertising campaigns, oversee workflow operations, and manage social media networks. In short, automation can handle virtually any tedious and repetitive marketing task, giving you the time that you need to manage your business more effectively.

What Can Marketing Automation Do for Me?

1. Drive productivity
Marketing automation increases productivity by simplifying and streamlining routine organizational and marketing tasks, leaving marketing department personnel free to attend to more important creative and administrative matters.

2. Operate in multiple channels simultaneously
There are a lot of different tools in the marketing automation toolbox, and many of these tools are effective in several different marketing platforms. Marketing automation can help drive your email, SEO, and social media efforts while concurrently serving as a centralized hub for all of your marketing activities.

3. Drive Internet traffic
Lead web surfers directly to key pages on your website with a network of automated emails, calls-to-action (CTAs), and conversion pages.

4. Eliminate human error
Human workers naturally make vocational mistakes when performing repetitive, routine tasks manually. Marketing automation avoids these issues by systematizing marketing activities, online processes, and analytical documentation.

5. Increase customer retention
By instantly and constantly collecting customer intelligence and facilitating customer interaction, marketing automation can help you craft and distribute targeted and effective marketing messages. These messages help you stay in touch with your most valued customers and increase overall customer retention.

6. Boost revenue

Investing in marketing automation can result in a significant boon to your bottom line. In fact, 78% of high-performing marketers recognize marketing automation as a key contributor to improved revenue.

How Can I Get Started With Marketing Automation?

If you want to speak to someone directly about the many benefits of marketing automation, a skilled and knowledgeable Splash Omnimedia professional can answer any questions that you might have. Call 803-785-5656 or contact us online to find out how marketing automation can handle the business promotion, brand expansion, and community outreach initiatives that you simply don’t have time for.


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