Successful Logos Have These 5 Things in Common

What makes a great logo?

Great Company Logo

While your logo is not the entirety of your brand identity design, it is an important part of it. Quick and easily recognizable, your logo can often be
the first identifier of your company to potential and current customers. Designing the most effective logo for your company can be a tall order, though.

That’s why it’s helpful to see what has worked for other logos, to gain inspiration for the design of your own. There
are plenty of brands that you could recognize from the logo alone. You can look at them and ask yourself, “What did they do right?”

You’ll notice that successful logos tend to have several features in common. Here’s our top five:

    • Simple

One of the reasons logos work so well for branding purposes is because they’re so easy to identify. The best logos are almost instantly recognizable
to customers. Year after year, brand after brand, the truth is that simpler logos are much more effective when it comes to instant recognition
than more complex designs. In addition, simpler logos are easier to incorporate on a variety of brand materials, which is key to the next feature,

    • Adaptable

You want your logo to go places – make sure you’re not losing anything when it does. Great logos still work in black and white, in tiny spaces, or
blown up to billboard sizes. They’ll look great on your website, on your business cards, on your brochures, on your emails, and any other brand
collateral you make. In other words, an adaptable and functional logo works anywhere you put it.

    • Color Coded

We’ve talked before about the importance of color when it comes to your brand identity design. While your overall look may include several colors,
your logo is where you establish your main, defining colors. Colors can communicate a lot about your company to customers, so make sure you’re
picking the right one or two for your logo. (That’s another point – fewer colors tends to work better than many.)

    • Unique

Just like your brand name, when your logo is too similar to another company’s, your customers can easily confuse the two of you. Even if you think
that a logo similar to a well-established brand can help you, in the long term, you’ll lose on the opportunity to establish your own brand. You’ll
always be the knock off. Your business is better than that; go for the unique logo that reflects that.

    • Timeless 

The best kind of logo is the one you only have to design once. It’s a logo that appeals now, next year, and 50 years down the line. So while the latest
trends in graphic design may be appealing, you don’t want to end up dating yourself. Go for a classic, timeless design that will stick around for
customers to recognize for years to come.

Many elements go into a logo’s design and your brand identity design as a whole. But the benefits of a well-designed logo
(and effective branding) mean that the time and effort you put into getting it right from the beginning are well worth it.

If you’d like to get a great logo for your company (and incredible brand identity design to go along with it), request your
proposal today.

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