Splash Omnimedia: A Look Behind The Name

More Than Media, the Story of Us

Splash Team

No, we’re not a pool company. We don’t build pools, clean pools, or repair pools. We don’t make diving boards, water slides, or slip and slides. Our company’s name is Splash Omnimedia, and we’re in the business of creating innovative marketing solutions.

Our clients trust us to help them make a proverbial splash, and position them to fully reap the rewards of the waves those efforts send out. This isn’t just what our job is; it’s what we love to do!

First and Foremost, We’re Communicators.

At Splash Omnimedia, it’s our goal to get people talking, and our name has certainly done that over the years. In fact, it may surprise you how many times a week we field questions about our company’s name and find ourselves responding with our tried-and-true 30 second elevator pitch.

Spoiler Alert: The rest of this post will take longer than thirty seconds to read.

Today, we want to try something different.

We’re going to give you a glimpse of the reasoning behind the name of Splash Omnimedia, and we’ll begin by discussing our quest to find the perfect descriptor for our company.

Opening Our Eyes To Omnimedia

Ten years ago, we put together an exhaustive list of potential business names that all summarized what we hoped to accomplish with our new company. Each name had its merits, and yet we had to choose just one to use. Every day we would review the list, think about the names there, and maybe strike just a few names off.

As the days went by, it became difficult to scratch even one more name off the list. Then “Omnimedia” caught our eye. It was unique. Maybe even a little unusual, but it seemed to define what we wanted to accomplish.

Omni – a stem that comes from the Latin word “Omnis” meaning “all”.

Media – the plural form of medium that describes forms of communication that possess both a wide reach and the ability to influence people.

Defining Our Mission And Values

We quickly realized that the word “Omnimedia” not only defined what we envisioned for our new company to do, but it would also serve as a daily reminder of the culture we hoped to create. See, the only other words we could think of that contained “omni” all related to God, and witnessed to his ability to guide our lives and our successes.

Omnipotent. Omniscient. Omnipresent.

As active Christians, we believe that God is all powerful, all knowing, and present everywhere. As small business owners, we wanted to create an atmosphere at work where we keep him involved in all things. Let us be the first to contribute the successes of Splash Omnimedia to having built our business upon faith and trust in God.

He has strengthened our efforts over the years, has influenced the ways we grew our business, and has even led us to some of our clients and some of them to us. We pray daily over our employees, our vendors, our clients, and their businesses. We know that God has carefully shaped Splash Omnimedia into what it is today.

Splash Omnimedia Today

Our company is made up of marketing minds that are skilled at creating in-depth marketing strategies. Each day, our team looks for innovative ways to help our clients’ businesses find success.

We leverage traditional media opportunities as well as emerging new trends in digital inbound marketing to deliver each of our clients with a powerful marketing mix and a high ROI.

Looking to increase the return on your marketing? We can help.

Find out what full service marketing partner can do you for you!  


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