How to Engage Customers with Offline Advertising

Make a Buzz With Offline Advertising

Offline Advertising Benefits

Although the reach of digital marketing is undeniable, there is still a world of opportunities for consumers to be reached through offline advertising. According to a study done by Google, traditional offline mediums like TV, radio, outdoor and print still play a unique role in encouraging online searches for businesses, products and services.

Marketing that utilizes a strategic mix of both offline and online tactics help businesses reach a wider variety of potential customers. Traditional, offline advertising gives you the ability to bring your products or services to your target audience through TV, radio, direct mailers, newspaper ads, billboards and more.

Incorporating offline advertising that compliments your efforts online builds substantial buzz about your business. Successful traditional advertising is tied to a company’s online presence and points the target audience to the businesses’ website or social media platforms in order to learn more about a specific product or service.

Here are some offline marketing methods to consider integrating into your overall marketing strategy:


People who are watching TV often have their mobile phones or tablets right at their fingertips. Integrating TV commercials into your strategy can drive potential customers to their web-connected devices with immediate calls-to-action.


By incorporating both terrestrial and digital radio, you can put your message in front of your target audience as they go about their daily lives, whether working, playing or driving. In fact, according to a recent Nielsen report published in Business Observer, 93 percent of adults in America listen to AM/FM radio weekly. Imagine the exposure!

Print Advertisements

In an environment where everything seems digital, print can often give a solid, authentic feel to your message while still reinforcing and driving consumers to your digital platforms. If your target audience is reading the newspaper and magazines regularly, that is where you want to be.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is unique in that potential and current customers are inviting you into their homes where they can keep your literature on the fridge or table reminding them daily of your existence.

Business Cards, Brochures, and Flyers

Wherever you go, always have a stack of business cards. You never know who you’re going to run into! Likewise, print materials like brochures and flyers are an easy way to give more information about your business to people at networking events or as they go about their day.


If you serve a local geographic area, billboards could prove to be prosperous. Since the message must be brief, it is imperative to direct passersby to your website.

Networking Events

Whether you are the one actually holding the event or if you are attending a business expo, networking events are an excellent way to learn more about your potential customer base, demonstrate your expertise and show off your products or services.

How to Make Your Offline Advertising Work:

  • Be selective and only choose offline advertising channels that will help you to better reach your target audience
  • Make the goal of your offline advertising to drive online conversations
  • Utilize customer reviews to help track the ROI of your offline advertising by asking customers how they find out about your business
  • Use Google Analytics to track and measure the change in traffic to your business website as well as searches for your business on Google before and after running traditional advertising. This can help determine whether or not your offline advertising is producing real, measurable results and driving customers to your products or services

To effectively reach your target audience, offline and online marketing tactics are best used in conjunction with one another to provide a seamlessly integrated marketing strategy. Offline advertising should compliment your digital presence, not detract from it. To implement an effective integrated marketing strategy, the overall intention of any offline advertising should ultimately be to increase online traffic, which in turn, will help to increase overall sales and profits.

In a world where all media is intertwined, using every opportunity at your disposal will help you make a meaningful, lasting connection with your target audience. This includes a mix of both online and offline advertising. 

At Splash Omnimedia, we know exactly how to combine the right media channels with the right messaging for your specific marketing needs. We believe that you must be where your consumers are–and they’re everywhere. We can help you to utilize both traditional and digital media in a way that’s most effective for your business needs. We can create a fully integrated marketing strategy that will position your business as the leader in your industry and help you build meaningful relationships with your target audience. Contact us today and let’s get started.

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