How to Develop 360 Degree Leaders

Developing Influence from Anywhere in the Organization

Demonstrating 360 degrees of leadership

Leadership is a vital component to success in any job and in every industry. The team at Splash Omnimedia recently completed the 360 degree Leader course, which helps you understand and consider the responsibility you bear as a team member and leader and how to improve yourself. This course is taught by John C. Maxwell, an author, speaker, and pastor with many books focusing on leadership.

We wanted to give you a little overview of what it means to be a 360 Degree Leader, and how it can help your business grow from within. If you’re interested in learning more about leadership training, we would love an opportunity to discuss this with you and your team!

360 Degrees of Leadership

Maxwell points out three principles that help leaders bring more value and influence from their positions within an industry:

1. Lead Up – You learn to influence the people above you in your industry. Be willing to do what others won’t and lighten your superior’s load. You’ll develop the skills to know when to press forward and when to give them some space.

2. Lead Across – By positioning yourself in the middle of your business or organization, you’re able to become a leader’s leader. You help your peers develop and achieve results, you support the best idea (even if it wasn’t yours), and respect each other. You achieve, develop, and maintain respect and credibility which, in turn, helps you continue to exert influence.

3. Lead Down – If you’re above anyone in your business or organization, knowing how to lead them is vital to the success for everyone on the team. You must recognize the potential of those below you and encourage them to achieve. Being visible by walking around and visiting among your team helps transfer your vision of leadership. Always be willing to recognize and reward results.

“You can lead others from anywhere in an organization. When you do, you make the organization better.” – John C. Maxwell


Our team learned a lot by completing this course, and our takeaways will help us achieve not only within our team here at Splash, but for the rest of our lives.

  • Balance ambition with your goals and what’s best for your organization
  • Know when to let the best ideas win, even if they weren’t yours
  • Be kind, friendly, and respected
  • Put completing over competing, in other words, “Check your ego at the door…none of us is as smart as all of us.”

If you’re interested in learning more about leadership and marketing your business as an industry leader, talk to Splash Omnimedia today. We’ve discovered the key to success is to promote leadership from within and encourage great ideas.

When it comes to marketing your business, we’ll not only help you grow by reaching your customers, but by influencing the people around you. Splash Omnimedia partners Matt Thompson & Michael White have been helping organizations develop leaders within their own ranks for years. If you would like to learn how we can help you develop advance the leaders within your organization, let’s sit down and discuss what that looks like!


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