How Marketing Automation Can Help You Relax and Do Better Business

Marketing Automation

It can be stressful to manage a new marketing campaign. Anything that makes engaging with your audience online easier can come as a welcome respite to
overwhelmed business owners. That’s where utilizing automation as part of your overall marketing strategy can help make your time and your money go

There are a number of reasons to start taking marketing automation into serious consideration for your business. With the help of a team of marketing professionals and an effective and cohesive strategy, business owners can do much of the planning they need to do at more convenient times and let automated workflows
handle the heavy lifting. This makes it easier to manage the many different aspects and daily operations of running a business while effectively balancing
and maintaining an engaging online presence to attract and nurture more leads.

What You Should Know About Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the use of software to automate necessary but often repetitive marketing tasks to connect and engage with a target audience in
different stages of the sales funnel.

Every business owner wants more engaging customer relationships and increased positive brand awareness but, as a business owner, it is often difficult
to find the time to cultivate these things naturally. As part of a comprehensive marketing plan, marketing automation tools can provide a range of
insights and analytics that can help business owners fine-tune their business strategy, build stronger, longer-lasting relationships and create a streamlined
customer service experience that will keep customers engaged. More effective customer relations can in turn increase brand loyalty and result in additional
conversions and sales.

With the help of the qualified and skilled team at Splash Omnimedia, Lexington and surrounding area business owners can incorporate automation into their
marketing tactics to help streamline and make their efforts more effective.

Marketing automation can help answer questions, respond to inquiries and give customers the relevant information they need to move to the next step of
the sales funnel without exhausting your time or resources. Sharing important messages online can drive traffic to your website or even
increase visits to your brick-and-mortar store. Relevant and timely messaging also helps foster trust and build a sense of community within your target
audience. Loyal customers who feel a connection to a business are more likely to continue purchasing and recommend your business and products to friends
and family. Here are two big ways marketing automation can help you make an impact and engage your audience without stretching your time too thin:

1. Continuous Communication with Multiple Touch Points

Customers don’t often buy with an initial email. It may take up to seven or more “touches” to get a lead to make a purchase. As it takes time and effort
to convert, business owners need to think of long-term strategies to retain those customers and potentially upsell them on additional products
and services. Marketing automation strategies help to continue to make contact with consumers personally and directly. Through individualized, action-driven
emails and messages, you can engage customers right where they are within the sales funnel.

Marketing automation provides information on how customers are behaving, where they visit and what information they are looking for. Different messages
can be sent to groups or individuals at various stages and automated beforehand, freeing up time and resources to spend on other necessary tasks during
business hours, while continuing to engage and encourage customers, both new and old, right where they are online.

2. Relevant and Timely Messaging

As a business owner, you should use every opportunity available to get to know your current and potential customers better. Are you nurturing leads? Are
you speaking to the needs of different audiences at different points in the customer journey? Business owners who fail to differentiate messages may
be unknowingly turning off potential customers. It is important to have an effective system to follow up with prospects and customers. With the help
of a skilled full-service marketing team, using marketing automation
can be an effective tool to help increase both conversions and revenue, help you track the progress of leads and measure the impact of delivered content.

Get More Support with Splash Omnimedia

Even with great messaging and content, your business may be overlooked if you’re targeting the wrong audience at the wrong time. Deliver your message to
meet your customers where they are in the buyer’s journey. The experts at Splash Omnimedia can help you get the most out of every marketing effort.
Contact us today for a free quote or to find out more about how to incorporate
marketing automation into your overall marketing strategy.

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