How Does your Marketing Activity Directly Impact Sales Growth? Measure it.

“Half my advertising is wasted. I just don’t know which half”.

Lots of business executives have felt like

John Wanamaker,

the department store bigwig from the 19th century who expressed these sentiments of frustration
with advertising many years ago. In the interim, companies have sought to measure their marketing effectiveness, but without much success. Essentially
marketing has remained one of the few enterprise activities that doesn’t use metrics that mean something to bean counters like CEO’s and CFO’s.

But indifference to metrics is fading fast. Corporate America is searching for, and starting to find, better marketing metrics. What does that mean?

They’re searching for better ways to measure the effect of their marketing activities on sales growth and the bottom line. Companies are devoting ever
more attention to strategies for linking market share and customer satisfaction to the company’s bottom line.

So how does all this talk of marketing metrics affect your company? In a big way. How do you know that your marketing budget is being put to good use?
How do you know that the dollars spent on marketing are generating a significant ROI? Sometimes the process of implementing effective marketing, and measuring the effect of those strategies, is best left to professional marketing analysts. The marketing pros.

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