How Does Voice Search Affect SEO?

How Does Voice Search Affect SEO?

It’s no secret that creating content for a website is a lot of work. It takes a skilled writer well-versed in search engine optimization, or SEO, to understand how content can affect your website’s page ranking. Not only does web content involve a detailed analysis of your target market, but a current understanding of the way Google’s “bots” will crawl and rank your website.

Google’s Bots

Your website is made up of pages and pages of content, and by using search engine optimization, that content gets your company’s site “found” on search engine result pages. So how do you get “found” by the popular search engines?

Unsurprisingly, the answer involves Google.

Google engineers created artificially intelligent “bots” that learn what people are searching for and how they’re searching. They find your website and evaluate the content within your pages in order to rank it. These bots live by a set of rules that are continuously changing thanks to their ability to continuously learn from user behavior.

This is why voice search is beginning to change the game for search engine ranking.

Voice Search and Virtual Personal Assistants

How often have you been caught talking to your phone instead of on it? Chances are, at least a few times. 40% of adults use voice search at least once per day, and that number will only continue to grow as the technology for virtual personal assistants improves.

A virtual assistant is a digital tool used to perform services or tasks such as: checking the weather, playing music, searching videos, buying items online, or looking things up on the web. With the immense popularity of smartphones, smart speakers, smartwatches, messaging software, and in-car assistants, it’s no surprise that we’re using voice search more than ever.

Search Engine Optimization

When search engines first made their appearance in the 90s, internet users quickly adapted to the new way of searching for information. Search phrases became limited to one to three keywords and often had to be fine tuned in order to find the best results possible.

With the recent introduction of voice search, keywords changed into keyphrases, brief statements morphed into lengthier questions, and search engine results began to adjust to these new search trends. Location-based results focus on local businesses that better suit users’ needs and websites have begun adjusting to better fit local markets.

Are You Easy to Find?

Have you claimed your location on Google? Do you know the importance of local guides and Google’s ranking system?

If not, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Optimizing your business through Google is a great way to make it as easy as possible to be found by your local audience. You’re able to categorize your business, list a phone number, website, and address, and much more!

Adjust your content to better suit what your audience is searching for by adding these elements:

  • Conversational keywords
  • Ensure You’re Location-Specific
  • Add a FAQ Section

Who Can Help with SEO?

Splash Omnimedia makes it a priority to understand the way search engines pick up and rank websites and content. Our team works tirelessly on understanding the future of search engine rankings and how we can create mobile-friendly websites and content that will be found by Google’s bots. It’s our priority to ensure your website has the best chance to beat the competition and rank higher on search engine result pages.

It’s hard to run a business and keep up with Google’s never-ending changes. Hiring a marketing agency like Splash, to handle your search engine optimization is an investment worth making. You’ll save time, gain business, and ensure you’ll be found by your ideal customers.

Contact us today and ask about SEO for your business! We’ll help you decide on the best strategy to get your name ranked higher on search engine results.

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