Go the Extra Mile: Take Your Billboard on the Road

Why Vehicle Wraps?

vehicle wraps

Vehicle wraps are reclaiming their place in on-the-go advertising. Essentially a mobile billboard, vehicle wraps create eye-catching advertisements that
can reach tens of thousands – if not millions – of potential clients. Because of their shape, vehicles make the perfect canvas for this effective form
of mobile ads.

In 1991, a UK company covered nearly every inch of one taxi’s paint with wrap vinyl. They developed this technology as a response to a German law that
required all taxis in that nation be a particular shade of beige. The biggest problem with painting the German taxis is that the beige color was ugly;
nobody wanted to buy an unfortunate looking car and repainting them was expensive. Used car companies could not pawn off the ugly used taxis at any
cost. Wrapping a pretty car in beige vinyl was infinitely easier and more cost effective.

Today, vehicle wraps and other vinyl vehicle wraps are taking the advertising world by storm. This brilliant revolution in marketing converted otherwise
anonymous company vehicles into traveling billboards that are able to reach hundreds of qualified clients in a single mile.

According to the Numbers, Vehicle Wraps Get You Noticed

The U.S. Department of Transportation says that the average driver drives 13,476 miles each
year. In a recent Arbitron National In-Car Study, researchers polled 1,858 Americans regarding their travel habits and use of media, 98 percent of
the respondents said they had traveled in a vehicle in the previous month. Of those polled, 71 percent said they noticed billboard advertising during
their travels.

The researchers also found that Americans spend an average of 20 hours in their vehicles each month, typically covering more than 200 miles in the time.
Interestingly, the number of hours traveled seems to rise with income, with wealthier individuals traveling more miles than those with less money.

The study also shows that 59% of these travelers notice advertising on a vehicle. Imagine getting more than half of all drivers in your area to notice
your brand message simply by applying vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps can reward your marketing efforts with thousands of impressions from qualified customers
in your immediate area.

Vehicle wraps make an immediate impression on your potential customers as well. Nearly a quarter of respondents in the Arbitron survey said an outdoor
ad motivated them to visit the store that same day, while another third said the ad prompted them to make a visit to the advertiser’s location later
that week. Outdoor ads, like vehicle wraps, will stimulate visits to your store.

So How are Vehicle Wraps Making a Comeback?

Simple: These are not your dad’s vehicle wraps. The big change is in the vehicle wrap’s design, which has begun to embrace the medium, rather than dealing
with it.

vehicle wrap design

There are two ways to design a vehicle wrap:

1) You can try to stare at a vehicle and try to figure out where best to fit a logo, your company
name, your slogan, and a phone number; or

2) You can create an eye-catching design that makes your vehicle stick out and really shows off your brand.

It may not sound that different, but compare the bland vehicles you’ve seen in the past with the truck in the photo at the top of this post, or to this
vehicle we just designed:

Vehicle wraps are an inexpensive way to make tens of thousands of impressions on qualified customers. Are you really willing to waste your mobile advertising
on a less-than-stellar design?

Just like any other kind of advertising, in order to make the most of vehicle wraps, you need to get a design that wows potential customers and knows how to get your brand message across.


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