Establishing a Strong and Effective Brand Identity

Brand Identity

If you’re a small business owner, you probably understand the importance of creating and maintaining a personal and unique brand identity to help your
business stand out from the competition. But your brand is so much more than just a logo or a slogan—it’s your business’s personality. Your brand
identity is categorized by things like your business ethics, code of conduct, reputation, vision for the future and more. All these things add up to
create a strong brand identity that determines how your target audience perceives you, and ultimately, whether people will choose to build a relationship
and do business with you or not.

Imagine for a moment that you have a problem at your home and you’re looking to schedule an appointment for a service. You do a quick search online and
find a local business that claims to be reliable, dependable, efficient and customer-centric with reasonable prices. This is exactly the type of company
you’re hoping to work with, so you decide to call and schedule an appointment. The phone rings 7 or 8 times before anyone answers. When someone finally
does, they are short, rude and don’t seem to care about what you have to say. They take some information and put you on a schedule for a home visit.
They assure you that someone will be there to help you sometime between 1:30 and 3:00pm. You wait at home and 3:00 comes and goes, but still no one.
Then 3:30. Then 4:00….

When the person finally does arrive, you’re just glad someone is there to help. They come into your home and barely speak to you. You tell them about the
problem and they act tired, irritated and inconvenienced. They don’t tell you how long it will take to fix the issue. They work until they have finished,
but leave quite a mess behind. They tell you that the job has been completed and give you a bill that is much different than their original quote or
that seems too high for the work that was completed and leave your home without another word.

This type of scenario happens all too often. When looking back at your experience from start to finish, would you go and tell your friends and family that
this company is reliable, dependable, efficient and customer-centric with reasonable prices, like they stated in their business description?

Of course the description online sounds great, but if there aren’t solid and consistent actions behind it, those words are useless. This is why building
a strong and effective brand identity that allows a customer to understand who your company is, what it offers, and why it is the best choice to turn
to for their unique situation, needs and desires is so important.

Think of big brands that hold large levels of consumer loyalty and audience engagement like Coca Cola, Disney and Apple. The strongest brands effectively
use a comprehensive marketing strategy (backed by consistent actions) to build a distinct brand identity that helps them to share their voice, maintain
their unique image and capture and secure the attention of their audience across all platforms. How can you build an effective brand like this?

First, Consider Why a Strong Brand Is Vital

Having an effective brand identity is powerful, and can allow your business to not only sell to, but influence your target audience. A brand identity means
so much more than just getting customers to recognize your company’s name or logo. Rather, it opens doors to allow your consumers to know, understand
and connect with your company values.

What Is Your Brand?

There are many components of a brand but, general speaking, your brand is comprised of:

  • Your mission and values
  • Your tone and voice
  • Your messaging
  • The customer service you provide
  • Your interactions, both in person, over the phone and on social media
  • Your word of mouth reputation
  • Your marketing materials

When your business uses all of these things together in a comprehensive, well-rounded strategy, it all comes together to communicate who you really are
to your current and potential customers.

How to Create a Strong Brand Identity

Building a strong brand identity takes consistency and time. Here are some key components that will help solidify your brand.

#1: Complete a Brand Audit

A brand audit creates a stepping stone to help evaluate what your brand identity currently is and what you want it to be. When you understand the characteristics,
behaviors, and identities that comprise your competitive landscape you can discover opportunities to boldly differentiate your brand from your competitors.

#2: Create Valuable Messaging

The next step is to understand what your message is and the tone and voice you want to use to share that message with your audience, and use that voice
in all of your marketing tactics and executions.
#3: Share Your Story

The experts at Splash Omnimedia are your partners in sharing your story. With a comprehensive marketing strategy that utilizes a wide variety of creative
elements and executions to help you reach your audience where they are and share your story with them. From your website and social media presence,
to videos, print materials and traditional advertising like billboards, radio and television, Splash has the experience and expertise to help you create
valuable messaging with a distinct and consistent voice across all platforms.

Perfect Your Brand With Splash Omnimedia By Your Side

When it comes to creating a strong, competitive brand identity, you need the right team behind you. At Splash Omnimedia, we work with you every step
of the way to understand your company, your goals and your story to help you develop your brand identity. Contact us today to learn


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