Don’t Let Your Marketing Lose Steam Under Quarantine


As our nation braces for the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic, business owners are facing unprecedented challenges. And while it may seem as if there’s an iceberg ahead, rest assured your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be aboard the Titanic. With the right strategy (and marketing partner), your business will forge full-steam ahead.

Leverage the Power of Digital

As a business owner, your knee-jerk reaction may be to halt all marketing tactics. However, now’s not the time to lose momentum. It’s more important now than ever to allocate your advertising dollars to reach your customers where they are–at home. The digital strategy you create can now become your key source of lead generation. Take advantage of the resources at your fingertips and strengthen your focus to redefine your marketing message by increasing your online presence.

Our team of digital experts can help you reevaluate your marketing strategy and reach your audience NOW through:

  • Social Media Advertising – Social media traffic will be reaching an all-time high in the coming weeks as consumers try to pass the time by scrolling through their feeds. A highly-targeted social media campaign would put you at the fingertips of your ideal customer.
  • Social Media Retargeting – Want to maximize your social media results? Capitalize on potential customers that have already visited your website through a strategic retargeting campaign.
  • SEO – The key to any great SEO strategy is consistency and maintenance, so even in a crisis, you can’t stop playing the long game.
  • Advertising via Streaming Services (OTT) – It’s no secret TV is one of the strongest mediums to build brand awareness and drive sales. But with more and more viewers “cutting the cord,” over-the-top applications like Hulu, YouTube TV, and more are providing a new, innovative way for you to reach your audience. The best part? OTT advertising can be targeted, allowing you to directly connect to your ideal customer base as they binge watch their way through quarantine instead of paying to broadcast to the masses.

Work Smarter Not Harder By Reaching Current Customers

Your buyers’ journey just got more digital. Keep in touch with your customers while staying positive and encouraging as this will all soon pass. Take advantage of this opportunity to build relationships, cultivate a larger sense of community, and to grow and improve your direct line of communication with your customers.

  • Step Up Your Organic Social Strategy – Now, more than ever, it is crucial to engage positively and consistently with your current customers. Every day, people are reaching out more to feel connected to their community. As an influential business owner, you have a unique opportunity to silence fear and set the tone of hope for the future. Take advantage of your organic social media posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more to engage with your audience in an encouraging and relevant way and keep your brand at the forefront of their minds.
  • Cultivate Creative Content – No matter what’s going on around the world, content is king. Now’s the perfect time to evaluate your messaging and encourage audience engagement with your website. Make sure your website is ranking well with strategic SEO updates that will help you stay relevant and consistent.
  • Engage with Email Marketing – Email marketing is also a fantastic touch point to meet your audience where they are. With higher email open rates than normal due to crisis communication, being in their inboxes now can give your audience a personal connection with your brand and could potentially even help you re-engage with previously disengaged customers.

Maintain and Sustain Your Business

As a small business, you know how important it is to adjust your business to the current state of things. How you react now in the wake of the current climate is the key to continued success.

The Splash Omnimedia team can help you create a responsive strategy to reallocate your marketing budget to focus exclusively on web marketing in order to get out ahead of competitors who are slow to respond while helping you maintain a sense of normalcy.

Whether it be social media posts or an email blast, our team can help you craft and distribute your message immediately. Even if we are not currently managing your marketing, we are more than happy to help. Please reach out to us to let us know how our expert team can help you make the very most of your marketing right now!


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