Build Your Brand with Graphic Design

Graphic design plays a role in every part of your business’ growth.

Graphic Designs to Brand Identity Designs

When it comes to promoting your business, you know that you need effective, quality graphic designs to use on your brand collateral materials – things
like your business cards, website, letterhead, and more.

But if you’re looking to build a full profile of brand identity designs and not just a loose collection of “brand” materials, there are two things you
must do:

You must have a consistent look.

We have addressed the importance of consistency in your brand identity design several times, but we cannot state it enough: consistency is what makes your
brand’s look your look.

It can be easy to get carried away with the possibilities for each new brand collateral piece, or to spend all your efforts on creating a great looking
website and just slap your logo on everything else you print.

Adapting your look for a particular medium (print ads, business cards, a brochure, etc.) is one thing; a completely unique look for each one is another.
You should be able to collect every design created for your business and see a unified look to the collection. If instead you see a mishmash of colors,
textures, and messages, you have a problem.

Many businesses end up with an inconsistent look to their brand collateral when they treat each piece like a completely separate product. The way to avoid
this is to have a defining look to your brand identity design that is then applied to and tweaked for individual projects.

Don’t underestimate your Logo

At Splash, we recognize how important the logo is to your brand identity design that that is the first design we tackle in our process. Because the logo
is often the simplest and most direct expression of your brand identity, it is critical to get it right before moving onto other designs.

What makes the logo so difficult a design is that it’s a balancing act. Your business needs a strong logo that represents the goals and target audience
of the business, yet is also simple and visually appealing enough to be easily remembered and recognized.

Using a professional brand identity designer helps you get a logo that not only looks great but is effective and memorable. As a graphic designer, they
understand how to use elements like color and layout effectively. But as a brand identity designer, they will go further, to create a logo that really
communicates your brand identity – who you are as a business.

And since the logo is the starting pointing for building a full brand identity design, a great logo is a solid foundation for the rest of your design.

Your graphic design has the best shot at awesomeness when you start with a marketing consulting session first. Contact the
pros at Splash today to schedule yours.

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