Brands that Killed it with their Halloween Marketing

Halloween Marketing

Our 5 Favorite Spook-tacular Halloween Marketing Campaigns

Any popular holiday is a great reason to take your business’ marketing game to the next level. Every great campaign begins with a budget, a great idea, and a group of super-creative marketers. Halloween unofficially marks the beginning of the holiday season, which is a great opportunity to start marketing your products and services.

We’ve decided to put together our top 5 favorite Halloween-themed marketing campaigns from some of America’s top brands to get your company in the spirit of the spooky season.

5. Halos: Good Choice, Kid

Everyone loves Wonderful Halos seedless mandarin oranges, so for Halloween last year, the company put out a series of brand awareness video ads. We enjoyed these because they took a creative approach to brand awareness campaigns with seasonally-appropriate videos.

4. State Farm: Scary Right

State Farm is well-known for killer campaigns. Clever as always, they decided to do a run of Halloween spots that showcased their campaign “Here to Help Life Go Right.” These video spots were meant to continue a campaign and increase relevancy throughout the holiday season.

3. Pottery Barn: Nostalgic Halloween Emails

Pottery Barn used the nostalgic feelings tied with Halloween and parenting and sent out this email for their “Pottery Barn Kids” brand. A great tip for many successful campaigns is to tie emotion and meaning to them.


2. LG: So Real, It’s Scary

Showcasing your product through a campaign is one of the best ways to sell it. We appreciated this ad because it was able to capture the high-quality picture of LG’s televisions through a prank. Check it out for some laughs and what a big budget campaign can do for your products.

1. Ford: Spooky Car Wash Prank

We chose Ford’s Spooky Car Wash prank as one of our top 5 because everyone loves a good prank video. Ford nailed the hidden camera prank in this ad and showcased their brand while they were at it. (Jump Scare Warning for Those Who Are Easily Spooked.)

BONUS: J.Crew Factory Trick or Treat Email

J. Crew takes minimalistic to its most effective when it comes to their email campaigns. Getting someone to scroll through your entire email message is important- so J.Crew utilizes large, interesting text and bold black and white for their trick or treat email campaign. What better way to showcase a sale and get foot traffic than to make it a mystery?


If you’re interested in holiday-themed marketing campaigns, contact our team at Splash Omnimedia. We love to be festive, fun, and creative with our marketing campaigns, so don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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