6 Reasons to Switch to a Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design

These days, it seems easy to follow a website template and quickly create an unremarkable, standard website. Templated websites are often portrayed to be simple, scalable, and quick solutions for the average business owners. This façade, more often than not, is a false one.

Despite being marketed as “easy to use”, most template websites take up so much of your valuable time that their cost-saving appeal is quickly tarnished. As a business owner, you probably don’t have the time, patience, or creative “juice” to pour into a website that truly represents you well online.

Even if you’ve decided to task someone outside of your business to create your website, if they chose to create your site using a template, you’re going to run into limitations and headaches. Many template sites won’t allow most customizations to the “look”, arrangement of important photos and icons, menu items, and much more. You’ll be left alone to try and make the clumsy template work for your business and end up with an unpolished product. 

We want you to love your website the way you love your business. It’s your online presence, it should actually represent who you are.

We’re here to help you get back to what you’re best at – running your business.

Here are our top 6 reasons to trust our team with creating a custom website.

1. Show Your Business Personality

Have you ever visited a few dentists’ websites and realized that you’re looking at almost the exact same website, even when viewing a completely different dentist? This seems to happen a lot when businesses use templates designed for their industry or specialty. The result is that your website looks just like your competition. How can you stand out if you look exactly the same as everyone else? Your site should show off what makes your business truly remarkable.

If you have clients or customers comparing your website with others in the same field, you won’t stand out. Your audience might write you off as all being the same. On the other hand, creating a custom website design can show your audience that you’re not like all the rest and that you can deliver a truly special customer experience.

2. Look More Professional

Templates often give an “amateur” look to a website, which often reflects back on the business itself. When potential clients or customers reach your website, a template might make them think you don’t have an established business or they won’t take your business seriously.

A custom website that features high-quality design, mobile-friendly usability, and fits your brand gives credibility to your business. It makes you look more professional and helps to make your brand stand out among the competition.

3. Make a Mobile Responsive Website

Over 60% of web traffic comes from a mobile device, which means your website needs to be easy to use on all devices.

Sure, there are some mobile responsive templates that will adjust to different screen sizes, but many templates focus on resizing elements to fit the screen, not improve the experience based on the device. 

Custom websites offer an in-the-moment experience that makes using your site and accessing your products and services easy.

4. Keep the Right to Expand

When you choose a template, you could have trouble expanding and customizing your website. With a template, you might need to completely start over as your business expands and grows.
With a custom website design, your online presence will be able to directly reflect any growth and service add-ons that your business experiences. You’ll have endless possibilities to expand your site and make any changes the future may require.

5. Bring In More Customers or Clients

A template design won’t necessarily bring in the quality leads that would use your products or services. These types of websites can’t predict your specific target market and won’t be able to work directly with you to learn about your missions and goals. It might not be a good representation of what your target audience is looking for and will drive them away instead of pull them in. Templated websites often provide a frustrating user experience, leaving the visitor lost on where they should navigate within the site or what to do next in order to reach their goals.

Your website may be bringing in visitors, but often you’ll find extremely low conversion rates. On the other hand, a custom website design begins with a conversation. You’re able to describe your target audience and what you believe will help drive them to convert online. Our team works directly with you every step of the way to ensure your website is tailored to your specific target audience.

6. Visitors Respond Better

Best of all, a custom website design gets better results from site visitors. It gives improved conversion rates and a higher return on your investment. This is because custom website design does a better job of providing content that meets customers’ needs and directing them to that content in a user-friendly way.

We also help your business create a design that meets your brand rather than adjusting your brand to fit a pre-made template. This benefit can showcase your business in the best way in order to better connect with your target audience.

While a template website design can seem quick and simple, but it can also create a bad image for your business and negatively affect your online conversions. A custom website design is made to fit your brand and help your site visitors have a positive experience, leading to conversions.

Contact our team to schedule a free consultation. We’ll sit down with you to go over your specific needs and how a custom website can help grow your business and place your brand as the authority of your industry.

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