6 Reasons Marketing Savvy People Love Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Do You Really Need It?

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When you’re cleaning out your email inbox and see that there are tons of boring, “junky” emails, you may hesitate about utilizing email marketing for your own business. After all, does email marketing get results? When it is done correctly–it does! According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing yields an average 4,300% return on investment for businesses in the US.

So what makes email marketing so effective? Savvy marketers love email because it provides a direct line of communication to an already engaged audience. These individuals have shown interest in your products and services by subscribing to your emails therefore inviting you to send them information on a regular basis. Email marketing gives you the opportunity to stay connected with your customers by sending daily, weekly, or monthly promotions, newsletters, new product announcements, and event invites. It even allows you to recommend products or services to a customer based on their past purchase behavior.

Great email is based on providing attention-grabbing and relevant information to your audience. Ensuring your emails are opened, read, and clicked-through requires effective subject lines, high-quality content your prospect needs, and responsive and visually-appealing design that makes it easy to navigate. This won’t only help avoid your emails being marked as spam, it will help acquire new customers and encourage repeat business.

Consider these seven benefits to making email marketing an important part of your inbound marketing strategy.

1) Excellent ROI

As mentioned above, the ROI can be enormous. A significant reason is due to the fact that you can reach a huge number of customers for a fairly low overhead cost. Just think about it, with many traditional media options you have to pay for the design, printing, postage, and fees paid in exchange for exposure. Of course, there is a cost associated with professionally designed and responsive email marketing, but statistically speaking, when you pay $1 for a $43 dollar ROI, the results are surprisingly positive from a financial perspective.

2) One of the Best Lead Nurturing Tools

Email marketing is excellent at making sure your leads stay connected and engaged with your business throughout their entire buying process. By providing equally informational and entertaining content, you can encourage prospects and customers to check out your services/products, blogs, white papers, reviews, and more continually bringing them back to your website until they are ready to buy.

3) Increase Customer Loyalty

You can build deeper connections with your audience through email marketing that will help convert them into loyal fans of your business. The key is to avoid over-promotional communication that won’t feel authentic to the recipient. When you offer insight into your industry, services/products, and company’s culture, you begin to develop a trusting relationship that makes them feel at ease.

4) Break it Down Now

Email marketing gives you the ability to break down your master list into segments and personalize the messaging which allows for extremely targeted marketing. You will see an increase in conversions simply because the message is so relevant to the recipient. For example, if you want to target a particular geographical area you serve during the month of July, you can find everyone in your database in that area and send them a coupon.

5) Spreading The Love Is Simple

When is the last time you clipped an ad out of a magazine and gave it to your friend? With email marketing, subscribers can forward enticing deals and useful pieces of information to their friends and families with the click of a button.

6) Easy-To-Understand Metrics

Unlike some forms of marketing, email marketing is incredibly simple to track. You can see how many people opened an email, clicked a certain link, unsubscribed, marked it as spam, and whether your email even made it into your recipient’s inbox. This provides you with valuable feedback to help you figure out which subject lines peaked their interest, what content recipient’s have found engaging, and the best day of week and time of day to send.

With email marketing, there are few risks, the costs are relatively low, and the potential is great. If you have already connected with customers, either online or off, email marketing is an excellent way to remain top-of-mind until it is time to close the deal. Plus, you can easily target your messages to the different stages of the sales process. However, many report having a low response rate and don’t seem to get their promised results. This is often due to a lack of an overall email marketing strategy. Email marketing actually requires a great deal of research and preparation. Any effective email marketing strategy should take into consideration who your target customers are, their preferences, and which messages are most applicable and interesting to each of them.

As you can see, there are many benefits to email marketing. If you aren’t taking advantage of this marketing tool, why not? Contact the experts at Splash Omnimedia today and let us help you create an email marketing strategy that can take you places you never thought you could reach!

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