4 Reasons Your Customers Still Love Print Ads

Newspaper and tablet;

The year is 1995.

The internet has begun to connect people in a way that was previously believed to be impossible. Instant messaging, emails, and webpages are substitutes for phone calls, handwritten letters, and business interactions. For most, the idea of continuing to advertise through traditional media is SO 1994 – especially for print.

So, why is it that magazines, newspapers, and billboards still prove to be totally radical forms of effective advertising?

It is no secret that print publications are much less common than they were pre-Y2K. In fact, in 2014 alone, nearly 100 magazines stopped printing and closed their doors for good.

However, the biggest argument for print publications is this:

Print is real.

Print publications are a tangible form of communication that can easily draw people in, despite the digital world we all live in today. Print publications have the ability to bring in audiences from every demographic and offer a unique advertising platform for businesses of all types. When used in conjunction with online tools, traditional forms of marketing can be some of the most effective tools for targeting customers in the right place, with the right message.

Utilizing Print Advertising

Trust me, I’m a Print Ad – To put it gently, the internet can be a crazy place. For many consumers, it can be extremely overwhelming. Getting your target audience to trust your online ads alone to make a purchase can be difficult. By utilizing print advertising, you’re able to show your customers the level of value you place in their business and gain their trust.

Easy Mode: Print Ads & Targeted Marketing – Targeting specific groups of consumers is an easy way to increase your opportunity by delivering relevant information. With traditional advertising, you have a lot of control over who sees your ads, so you’re able to tailor your message in order to better reach your intended audience.

Converting the Hard-to-Reach Customer – Deliver results with the Sunday Paper. Have your message delivered straight to your customer’s mailbox with targeted information they’ll want to read. Direct mail has one of the highest conversion rates for attracting new customers and converting them. This significant boost in conversion is a definite plus for print ads.

Working With Online Advertising – The key to print advertising is developing a strategy that seamlessly integrates into existing online marketing. Driving customers from print ads to an online form that captures information is an excellent way to not only keep your customer engaged, but fine tune your existing strategy to better reach your target market.

The year may not be 1995, but that doesn’t mean print advertising isn’t relevant.

The internet connected the world in a completely unique way. Splash Omnimedia has proven the world of digital and print advertising are best when joined together. Ensure you’re creating a message that is heard by the right audience, at the right time, in the right place.

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