3D Animated Logos and Video: The Perfect Pairing

The next step in digital design also works wonders for your videos.

3D Animated Logos

Have you ever noticed how logos seem more … active lately? On commercials and web videos, we’re no longer getting the immobile, boring logos we used
to. Now logos are jumping and spinning around the screen, or growing and changing shape. Some of the movement is subtle and simple, while others go
all out.

These are the result of 3D animation – the kind of animation you might associate with children’s movies. But in the business world, 3D animation is being
used to add interest to their logos and other designs.

You might even be surprised at why …

Why Use 3D Animated Designs?

3D animation can be effective at “spicing up” or adding interest to an otherwise dull logo. Especially if your business is more established, you may have
a logo that was designed years or decades ago, or it may have been a simple design, in order to stay “safe” with the design.

For some of these businesses, the best move is to update the logo with a new design. In these cases, 3D animation can be
an effective way to take the new design.

Conversely, if you’re not ready for the full effort of a logo redesign and rebranding effort, you can use 3D animation to liven up the original logo. This
can be especially helpful if you’ve put a lot of previous effort into building a brand identity.

3D animation is also great for clearing up confusion. Let’s say your business has a very vague name, like “ABC Solutions”. Can you tell what on earth ABC
Solutions does? You can’t immediately tell what they sell – it could be a product or service, or both, for all you know.

Now imagine that you see a 3D animated logo for ABC Solutions where the words “ABC Solutions” gets shredded like a piece of paper. Would you be surprised
that the company offers shredding services for other businesses?

People are very visual creatures, and 3D animation can help you use that to your advantage with your logo.

Where Do Videos Come In?

Internet usage is dominated by videos, with online video consumption rising every year.

This has led to a rise in web videos as part of a business’s digital marketing strategy. They’re particularly effective
not only because people are hungry for video – they’re also versatile in what kind of videos you can make (informational, sales-based, meet the team,
etc.), which gives businesses lots of options in what their web video strategy can be.

Meanwhile, TV commercials continue to have their place in businesses’ digital marketing strategies, although it’s less dominating than in previous decades.

And, as it turns out, 3D animated logos and videos are very well-suited to each other.

With any video, whether it goes out on the internet or out to TVs, ending and/or beginning with your logo is an important part of the video. It’s your
stamp on the video, directly associating the message with your company.

And because they are animated, 3D animated logos work really well in videos. A 3D animated sequence makes your logo really stand out at the end of a video,
and makes it seem like a natural extension of the movement of the video. Your potential market may remember an animated sequence more readily than
a static logo. It can even help you stand out from your competition, especially if none of them has converted their logos to a 3D animated format yet.

Better yet, with a firm like Splash, where our 3D animation and video production people work so closely together, it’s very easy to incorporate your 3D

Is 3D Animation Right for My Business?

As always, the answer depends on your business and your target market. But you may want to consider it if:

  • Your logo is older or lacks in that “wow” factor.
  • Your logo is vague or is unclear about what your business does.
  • You want to really show off a new logo design or revamp the original.
  • You want to add visual interest to your logo for your videos.

Just keep in mind that 3D animation of your logo will be most effective if you use it as part of a larger strategy – say, a web video strategy or combination
web video and TV commercial strategy.

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