36 Video Marketing Ideas for Your Business

(And Where To Share Them)

Video Marketing Ideas

Lights, camera, action! Video marketing offers some major advantages like improving your SEO standings, engaging followers on your social networks, and increasing sales on mobile devices. Videos are easy for people to consume allowing you to share your expertise with the world, connect with customers on a personal level, and show people why they should care about your business – all in less than a minute.

Video engages your audience making it an extremely memorable form of media. Incredibly, 80% of users recall a video they viewed in the past 30 days. The elements of video, sight, sound, and motion, elicit an emotional response and help your business come across as human and sincere.

Even though video marketing has been around for some time, it is relatively new to many business’s marketing strategies. So if you are new to the video scene or a seasoned veteran, below are 36 ideas for fresh video topics that will help take your marketing to the next level:

1. Tips and how-to tutorials

2. Interviews with industry experts

3. On the street interviews

4. Video infographics

5. Product demonstrations

6. Customer testimonials

7. News update

8. Speaker at an event

9. Introduce your team

10. Longer interviews with key members of the company

11. About us

12. Customer Q&A’s

13. Behind the scenes

14. Product reviews

15. Stop-motion videos

16. Webinar invites

17. Animation videos

18. Important company announcements

19. Entertaining content like parodies and office life

20. Presentations/Slideshow

21. Holiday greetings

22. Time-lapse videos

23. Before and after

24. Tour of the office

25. Product or service pre-launch

26. Whiteboard strategy session

27. Tell a story that means something to the customers

28. Competition announcement

29. Busting myths

30. User-generated video

31. Thank customers

32. Thought of the day/week series

33. A day in the life

34. Have a job opening? Have an employee explain why they love working there

35. Live customer care

36. Fun or witty GIF or Vine

Impactful Places to Share Your Videos Online

You have a well produced video with an engaging subject, but now what? Depending on the length and content of your video, there are a number of choices to share your video for the most exposure. Just remember, no matter where you post videos online, alerting your customers of their existence can dramatically increase your reach!

  • Social media. Tailoring your video for each social media platform and audience produces the best results.
  • Facebook Live attracts more prospects and transforms them into followers.
  • YouTube is the #2 search engine owned by Google, the #1 search engine.
  • Vimeo has excellent video quality and no advertising after the video has played.
  • Website landing page. Video on landing pages can increase conversions by 80%.
  • YouTube ads help gain the attention of prospects and those unfamiliar with your brand.
  • Blogs and email campaigns engages your current audience and can be easily shared.
  • Snapchat and Instagram Stories only last 24 hours allowing you to post several videos throughout the day.

At Splash Omnimedia, our award-winning video production department has years of experience to help you reach your audience through this captivating medium. We can work with your current ideas or help you develop concepts and bring them to life for you and your audience. If you are ready to stake your claim and stay competitive, contact us today!

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