3 Surprising SEO Benefits of Using Video on Your Website

Win the battle for searchers and search results with web videos.

Using Video on Your Website

Even though changes from search engines have led many marketers to transition from buzzwords like “search engine optimization” toward alternatives like
“content optimization” and “online optimization”, do not worry. Whatever you call it, the goal remains the same: get in the first set of results for
particular web searches and win over the clicks of the searchers.

And it’s still true that web video is a powerful tool you can use to get there.

Web video is a strong element of digital marketing, in part because it’s so versatile and can play a role in almost any online element of your digital
marketing. This is especially true when it comes to your website and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

As it turns out, web video on your website brings several SEO benefits that can help give you the edge when it comes to fighting for searchers and the
top search results. When you put a video on your website, it can:

1. Help you get into the search results (and stand out when you’re there).

More than half of all internet traffic video. That means that search engines (like Google) have a vested interest in
offering and highlighting video results to searchers. So including a video on a web page can help you climb the search results more

In addition, most search engines will display a thumbnail of the video right next to the website’s link on the search results page. Studies have shown
that these thumbnails get a lot of engagement from searchers, even if they aren’t in the top 3 results.

2. Offer SEO opportunities in your video information.

One of the main things search engines do is try to understand what a particular page of your website is about, and many of the search engine optimization
strategies we use in marketing are focused on communicating that to the search engines as clearly as possible.

When you add a video to a web page, you have opportunities in the title of the video, the description, and any other meta tags, as they’re called, to tell
search engines what the web page is about.

3. Send back positive signals to search engines.

Another metric that search engines factor into their search rankings is how long visitors tend to stay on your website. Videos are incredibly effective at engaging visitors – studies have shown that people will engage with content that includes video at twice the rate of content
that does not. And because videos have a set length, searchers may stay on your website longer to watch it, making it look like a more valuable search
result to the search engines.

This is one of the reasons web videos are such powerful digital marketing tools – not only do they engage and interest your customers, not only is it flexible
enough to go nearly anywhere of yours online, but it can also give your search engine optimization efforts a boost.

So if you’re not including web videos in your marketing, the only question is: Why?


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