3 Reasons to Reveal Your Business Secrets

If you know you’re better than your competition, why not prove it?

3 Reasons to Reveal Your Business Secrets

When it comes to developing your business blog – your style, your audience, what you discuss – you need patience. A successful business blog is not going
to happen overnight.

What if you’re not patient, though? What if you want faster results?

Well, there are drastic measures you could take. But there’s a reason that most businesses don’t do it. It will go against many of your instincts as a
business owner – not to mention terrify you.

Still interested?

Okay, here’s one way you can grow your business blog exponentially: Reveal your business secrets.

Reveal the Right Secrets

If you just read that and didn’t have a heart attack, congratulations! You’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into your business – it would be odd if
you weren’t even a little proprietary about its secrets and the machinery that runs it.

Sure, if your customers only knew this or that about your business, they might be more understanding of why you do what you do. But if you reveal your
secrets, the common fear goes, your competition will copy you. Or your customers may not like your reasoning and get angry.

Yet, if you want fast results on your business blog, revealing those business secrets may be your ticket.

The trick, of course, is to know which secrets to discuss on your blog. You want to give your readers a glimpse into the what and the why behind your business,
without giving away unnecessary details that wouldn’t influence them, anyway.

For instance, if you’ve got a very high-end product, you might discuss on a blog post how you choose vendors to create each element on the product – but
you don’t necessarily need to discuss which vendors you work with.

You might also discuss prices – yours versus your competitors’, or how your products and services come with these benefits, hence why your prices are slightly

In other words, ask the hard questions that your customers want to know and that your competition probably already knows:

  • What are your prices?
  • How do you calculate that?
  • What are the real differences between these products?

Why Would This Work?

    1. It will attract traffic.

People want to know that they’re getting a fair or good deal when they buy from you. This means that they’re often asking questions about prices or
the “real” price, especially if you’re in a quote-based industry. Many times, they’ll search the web for the answers.

Because no one’s talking about those things, however, most of these searchers are turning to forums and personal anecdotes to get those answers.

Want that traffic? Answer the tough questions that customers have, the ones that demand you pull back the curtain a little bit, and they’ll come to
you. Better yet, because your competitors aren’t doing this, you’ll have barely any competition in these search results.

    1. It will put your competitors on their heels.

Talk about changing the game. When you start revealing things like industry secrets and standards on your blog, your competitors won’t know what to
do. Their customers will be going to you, since you’re giving them the answers they want instead of a sales pitch.

Even if your competitors copy you and reveal their own secrets, you were the first to talk about this taboo stuff, weren’t you? Why did they wait so
long? Call them out on it, and customers will have something to put in their “dissatisfaction” column about your competition.

    1. It helps change the customer service conversation with your customers.

Oftentimes, customers are dissatisfied because they feel like there are dishonest reasons for your prices or a policy you have. By explaining it on
your blog, you’re giving yourself an opportunity to explain, giving you happier customers in the long run.

You will also be seen as more genuine or honest, so when something goes wrong, customers will trust you, not feel like they’ve been tricked or cheated.

What If I’m Not Ready for Such Bold Measures?

That’s fine! Not every business is suited for revealing their secrets on their blog, nor is every target market going to read those blog posts. There
are benefits to taking time to build your blog and your audience.

But if you don’t have that kind of patience, you’ll need to go bold. The world is not easily shaken by small gestures.

And trust me, if you’re being bold with your business blog and your marketing in general, your competition
isn’t going to immediately copy you.

But they are going to be terrified of how you are shaking up the game.


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